Who we are

We Are More Than Soccer

Born Kickers inspires and nurtures the love of soccer in 2-6-year-old boys and girls. Our coaches teach the sport in a positive, healthy, and safe environment – where children gain the benefits of team athletics and develop a passion for the global game. Born out of the Manhattan Kickers Football Club, the program has helped guide hundreds of young players towards their soccer aspirations.


With over 15 years of NYC soccer experience, and our affiliate network of clubs, Born Kickers provides a launching point for players to enter a path of soccer development, which has led to players achieving all levels of college play as well as domestic and international professionals.


Involvement in team sports means meeting other children who can quickly become friends. Kids who become friends on the field take their friendships off the field as well. And their teammates become their support systems at school and in their communities.


Through continual encouragement from our friendly coaches, a player gains the self confidence to engage in the sessions and become less reliant on a caregiver. The unique experiences that players share with each other during our sessions, further encourages self-reliant exploration.


Research has shown starting extracurricular sports at young age helps children to be more attentive in class and better able to learn. During the Born Kickers journey players gain focus and become coachable, which also assists learning in school and life.


Being a part of something larger than the individual is a critical lesson learned at these ages. Cooperation and working well with others is a skill taken into later in life. Our players can make better decisions because they know their actions affect the team.


Sports build stronger relationships and better social interactions with all that are involved – from parents, coaches, teammates, and fans. On the field and off the field, the Born Kickers community extends to our wide range of partners.


Running. Chasing. Moving. Sweating. Challenges. Born Kickers provides development of motor skills, coordination and agility that support a healthy physical life.


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